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Lisa Riley, creativity coach

Believe it! You can take your Creative Career to a place
where you are passionately using your creative potential!

Are you thinking of reinventing your creative career or decided to finally pursue your life long dream of being an artist? Or have you hit a wall with your creativity and looking to reignite your creative flow? Are you simply looking to get clearer on your goals and need help setting a road map on how to achieve them?

Being creatively stuck or hitting a wall in your creative career is part of the game. We all experience this from time to time. 
But when it starts to keep you from achieving your full creative potential, that’s when it’s time to do something about it.

So whether you’re a working writer, artist, designer, photographer, musician, performer or creative entrepreneur, you’ve found a special place here.

I tailor the coaching process specifically to your unique needs and goals in order for you to get the most out of our coaching experience. Learn more

Together we can explore new possibilities and solutions to help you propel your creative career to exciting new heights.

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The Art of Mind Workshop

Mastering Your Inner Critic & Tap into Your Authentic Creativity


Whether you’re a artist, musician or writer, when it comes to the creative process it doesn’t always happen effortlessly, but instead most commonly hindered by our inner critic. How do we turn down the volume of the critical voice enough to tap into that pure creative flow? How can you master the fear, self-doubt and anxiety to authentically create and uncover your unique creative voice? 

In this workshop, through guided visualization, writing exercises and collage we’ll explore that inner critic that often gets in the way of your creative potential. We’ll explore why insecurity and questioning what we create is a normal part of the creative process. These workshops are designed to help artists learn how to tune down the negative and critical voice looping in their head so they can access their creative energy. You will also learn how to work through the different phases of the creative process so you can begin to channel that pure creative spirit through your work.

By developing a healthier perspective and acceptance of the critical voice. You’ll be able to lessen its effect on your creative process, move you into a more productive space where you can tap into creative flow. 

Join me in a transformative process in this 2 Part Workshop
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